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11 Websites Where You Can Find Freelance Writing Jobs


Ever wondered how freelance writers find markets for their writing talent and the ability to write online articles too? Or where you could offer articles / blogs with a link to your book’s sales page – as described in a former blog post: Smart Authors Get Paid for Marketing Their Books
Don’t look further than to these websites, which are regularly updated, either on a weekly basis, and sometimes even more often. These links will lead you not only to get the latest job openings, but also great sources of publishing and writing knowledge:

Writing Job Source connects writers with employers in one central place. They email writers every other day the latest offers.
This site consist of valuable content, including some international market listings. Funny to read their FTC compliance…
Their Motto: Write. Re-write. Submit. This free database contains more than two thousand writer markets for short fiction, poetry and novels/collections. Try out their custom searches of thousands of market listings to find exactly what you are looking for!
Author C. Hope Clark writes since many years a great weekly blog on freelance writing, writing jobs (full-time), grants, markets, contests and fellowships. Sign up for her free e-newsletter – you will be glad that you did. It is one of the very few newsletters that are truly worth subscribing!
Freelance Writing Organization Intl. is a free online database with thousands of job listings and freelance opportunities. Over 5000 Free Writing Resources & Links, thousands of Writing Jobs Opportunities.
Daily job listings for journalists, editors, online media and more.
This database of markets and contests is helping freelance writers for over ten years.
Every freelancer should bookmark this site and visit often for the latest industry news and the great job listing section.
“Job Search & Find” site for Canadian writers, journalists, editors, marketing & PR-specialists and radio or TV personnel.
Media Job Market lists hundreds of job postings and several fantastic must-read articles on job hunting in the writing industry.
Writer Gazette’s regularly weekly newsletter, forum, writer service listing and most important of all: More than 500 submission calls to paying markets.
The ProBlogger Job Board is where professional bloggers looking for jobs and companies looking for bloggers to hire.

Essentials are: Learn to write for the web, know how to write press releases, and study potential contract givers’ websites thoroughly. Update your portfolio regularly, and don’t forget: the decision makers can also be found on social media sites, such as Google+ or Twitter. Keep your author appearance on Social Media professional, and post regularly links to the best of your writing. Being familiar with you and your writing can for sure improve your chances of getting more assignments.


The SEO Importance of Proofreading

We all know that proofreading is an important issue, not only for the enjoyability of the post or website article, but also for ensuring the overall quality of of the text for SEO purposes.  Just using a spell-checker and scanning the tet will rarely get rid of all of the mistakes and even grammar software are limited as to what they can catch.  Often commputer spell checking and grammar checking software will flag lots of perfectly fine issues or will totally miss grevious errors of usage that any native speaker or normal person would catch immediately.

The teacher and youtube commentator Taylor Mali illustrated this wonderfully in hos video:

Not only is this video humorous, but it ceratinly makes a great point that proofreading is a necessary thing if we want to ensure accuracy.  Of course, we typically miss many of our own errors.  It is better to have an outside person to do our proofreading, someone who was not involved in the original formulation of the sentences.  Here at, we have specialized and general editors ready to help you find all of your errors, correct them, and improve your writing.

Let us help you to develop your webpage, set graphics and images, do layouts, write some killer text and sales copy, fully optimize your onpage factors, as well as to build quality backlinks to your website.  We specialize in local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and general SEO for all types of interent sites.  We are ready and able to get you on the first few pages of google in the next 30-40 days.  We practice pay-for-performance SEO for clients who qualify and we will take your account on a contingency, meaning that you only pay if we are able to deliver on our promises.

Check out our SEO page and our special deals:

Or, you may order our SEO services one-by-one:

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Over the years, I have heard many times from individuals desiring success in SEO, the request could never gain approval as the resourced time was too great of a budget allocation or that an SEO vendor wasn’t in the budget.

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Submit your site to over 100 plus search engines

Here is a great site that will submit your URL to many search engines.

Free submitter


This is an excellent articles that explains so many basic SEO components . . .

In Lorelle’s blog, she explains why we should not delete comment spam that plagues our forums and blogs but rather we should mark each spam comment as spam so that Askimet can filter it out in the future.

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My answer is always the same: Use the Akismet WordPress Plugin on WordPress, Movable Type, Drupal, phpBB, Joomla, and other web publishing platforms. Mark comment spam as spam and do not delete it to help Akismet do its job.

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