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So Donald Trump Won, Get Over it!

November 11, 2016

Govt Commentary

election-results-2016Many Americans awoke Wednesday morning to the startling news that Donald J. Trump had won the 2016 presidential race. The one who they had reviled so much and thought would be buried under the landslide victory of Hillary Clinton had narrowly done it.  Regardless of how bombastic and exaggerated many found Donald, he had obviously convinced enough Americans that he had a superior vision for the next four years than Hillary.

If you listen to the right and left leaning news sources and political blogs across the blogosphere, there are a host of explanations for Trump’s victory.

The Left


The Clinton supporters are convinced that Trump won because the American voter is actually much more racist, misogynistic, less educated, polarized, and right-wing than they ever realized.  In fact, several riots, marches, and protests occurred Wednesday night and Thursday.


The political left is utterly shocked and appalled that Clinton did not…

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