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December 19, 2012

It has been said that content is king and that the very best form of SEO is creating content that users actually want to read and consume. Google is getting much better at detecting bad grammar and fluff on the web.

Breezy Bemusements

Last week’s, “State of the Media: Social Media Report” really got me thinking about SEO. It’s scary to think that Google knows that when I search the term “pop”, I mean pop music instead of thinking that I’m a Northerner looking for soda. I’m sure this made the author of the “pop music” Wikipedia page happy. His was the first search result.

The greatest advantage to these new technologies will be that companies will have to start thinking from their customer’s point of view to survive. Companies and users alike will benefit as SEO becomes increasingly content driven. Customers, just not sales figures, will become the focus of marketing campaigns as decision makers ask, “How does this answer the searcher’s question?” (Everhart, 2012). Companies will have the opportunity to present themselves as contemporary, fully optimized, and customer-focused. Instead of “word stuffing” or battling it out with competitors over…

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