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LulaRoe Social Media Marketing for Consultants

You Can’t Sell if You Can’t Reach Customers


In order to reach customers when you are selling via platforms like Facebook (FB), you have to understand, not only what customers want, but how the platform itself functions and how your content is ranked.  For example, if someone puts a “keyword” into the FB search like “lularoe leggings”, will your page or group come up? Do yo show up on page 10? Will they be able to find you from among the 100K+ Lula sellers out there?


*FaceBook Optimization is key!

Do you know what factors FB considers when ranking your FB page or group?


Some other very important factors to consider:


  • Geographic location of page/person may determine who sees
  • Any place locations mentioned in text,
  • Tagged individuals/pages
  • Whether there is a video or not in the post
  • The specifics of the item shared (image, audio, video, article, etc.)
  • How many times your post is shared and liked
  • The social clout of the person sharing or liking




What Can We Learn From Analyzing About Optimizing Our FB pages?



Let’s look at some web page metrics about  The theory here is that our target clientele, as FB sellers, should reflect the same sort of people surfing the web to the website.  Of course, many of these folks will be sellers and consultants, but we can get a “basic” idea about our general audience from the data that we can get about the corporate website.



As we can see on this web traffic graph, a lot of people are interested in, in fact, so many that it is 8 thousand from the top in USA websites.  The fact that 50K people are surfing the site is a very good indicator of high interest!



The bounce rate tells us what percentage of visitors came and then directly left the site. We see that almost 27% left right away, this is a good rate.  The middle metric, Daily Pageviews per Visitor, tells us that after they landed on the site that they hung around and looked at 3-4 pages before leaving, no too bad.  The last figure on the right shows us that they spent 3 whole minutes surfing the site and looking around.  This may seem like a low number to you, but 3 minutes in the world of the internet is a LONG time.



Here we can see that the top 5 search terms for LulaRoe in Google are listed above.  We should consider targeting these terms for our own FB pages since these are the most frequently searched terms overall.  FB does not really share any search term data like Google does, but since most internet searches are done through Google, it represents the best picture that we can find for analyzing what people are searching for. If you are more interested in info about trends and keywords for LulaRoe, then I suggest that you visit Google Trends and put in the search term “LulaRoe.”


What are our customers searching for?


According to USA Google Trends, the following top 20 keywords are currently (2-22-17) the most popular in the Google search rankings:  (Google has the best search data and allows everyone access to it, so we can use it as a substitute for FB search data, which is not shared with the public.)


  1. Leggings lularoe
  2. Leggings
  3. Lularoe sizing
  4. Lularoe dress
  5. Carly lularoe
  6. Lularoe consultant
  7. Irma lularoe
  8. Lularoe size chart
  9. Lularoe julia
  10. Lularoe amelia
  11. Lularoe nicole
  12. Randy lularoe
  13. What is lularoe
  14. Lularoe cassie
  15. Lularoe clothing
  16. Lularoe meme
  17. Lularoe shop
  18. Lularoe maxi
  19. Lularoe ebay
  20. Lularoe prices


Not only does viewing Google Trends give us some idea of the Keywords that we should focus on in FB optimization, but it also gives us some insight into the customer’s mind and perceptions regarding the products. We now know what they are searching for.  This an inform our ordering process and show us where we should focus our attention.  Remember our goal is the offer customers exactly what they want most.  When we align our marketing and product offerings with our customers’ shopping desires, then that means more dollars in our pockets.  Besides, isn’t one o LulaRoe’s company goals to provide high quality, comfortable clothing at an affordable price.  Let’s give ‘em all the LulaRoe they want!




What Do Internet Marketing Specialists Say You Should Do to Grow Your Business Page?

  Tips to receive more fans and followers on your Facebook Business page

One of the most frequently asked questions is: How do I get more fans to my Facebook page?

I, myself, am a great supporter of finding fans in an organic way. This is mainly due to providing very good tips, articles, information, images, videos and more awesome content.

1. Provide meaningful content

First of all, the most important thing you can do is provide useful content on your page on a daily basis. The content should reflect the needs of your target audience.

2. Invite friends and acquaintances

This option is often used when you first create a page. So make sure you do so, if you haven’t already.

3. Mention your page in the signature of your emails

In any mail program, you have the opportunity to place a signature. This is simple, yet effective. Everyone who opens your email will now have the opportunity to click the link to go directly to your Facebook page.

4. Invite your newsletter subscribers

The target audience of your newsletter is equal to the target audience of your page. Explain what information they will receive on your page, in particular, perhaps they will receive exclusive information and special offers or perhaps run a giveaway for your Facebook followers.

5. Place a ‘like’ box on your website

A ‘Likes’ box shows the latest updates on your page. In addition, visitors to your site will see other fans of the page, including any of their friends. Place the button or box in the sidebar of your site so that it can be seen on every page of your site.

6. Use the social share button and Facebook link in your blog

Use your Facebook link in your blogs, articles and other website content.  Also utilize a social button plugin on your website which allows visitors to share your content on Facebook.

7. Run a competition

Run competitions through your Facebook page (make sure you comply with Facebook rules and your country/state rules and regulations)

8. Facebook tag

For example, you may take pictures of your fans during an event. Add these photos to your Facebook page and ask people to tag themselves.

9. Invite experts for a Facebook chat

Social Media Examiner does this regularly. They invite an expert to answer questions

Celebrate your fans, thank them and perhaps run competitions for ‘Fan of the Week’.

10. Use video

Video is HOT right now, so be excited and get started on using video content on your Facebook page, whether it is your own content or sharing others videos.

Use Call-To-Action Statements to Engage Customers in Your FB Page or Group


In the above example, you ask the page members, “Which do you think is hotter for the weekend?”  With our Lula clients, we might ask which one is a better color combination or which outfit is best for Spring or something like that.

Use Contests and Other Competitions

Here are some contest ideas that you can do in your LulaRoe group. Remember to try to keep them as relevant to LulaRoe as possible:

  • Like to win – pick a number and choose, for example, the 15th person to like the post wins.
  • Comment to win – the 30th person to comment wins. Pick a number in advance and don’t let them know what it was.
  • Comment and like to win – same principle
  • Q and A Contest – here you present an obscure trivia question and the person who gets the most correct answer wins.
  • Caption contest – post a funny or unusual photo and then ask people to make a caption for it, then everyone likes the one that is best. You cut off the time after a while and proclaim a winner.

Next Issue – Will deal with how to set up FB ads and how to optimize your ad so that it converts to sales and group/page growth.


If you have particular topics that you would like me to cover in our next issue, please contact me at:


Sources and Additional Readings


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When you’re the owner of a startup, chances are, you don’t have cash to spare. You’re scrambling to meet your bottom line. You’d rather pay the rent than for fancy perks and training for employees. Actually, this can be said for companies beyond their startup phase, as well. Everyone is trying to save some bucks. It’s just in the nature of the business.

But something that smart businesspeople do is they find and acknowledge where the money HAS to go and where it doesn’t have to go. They see where the trail leads- if the money they invest in something leads out to more money down the road, or if the trail goes cold halfway through. They are good ROI predictors and thus, make good business decisions. They aren’t only experts at getting a deal, but in getting deals on the right stuff to make their business do well.


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10 Effective Tactics for Search Engine Marketing To Get Free Google Traffic to Your Site

This is  a great article by the guys over at  We highly recommend their site.  They know what they are doing.


Search engines on average will drive 300% more traffic than social media. So how do you let Google know you exist?

One tactic is to put more focus on quality content. But content on its own can’t make you rank in “Top 10″ search results. You should also take into account the importance of link building.

Link building is the most significant, but also the most challenging aspect of optimizing your blog or website for search engines.

It has significant effects on how your website ranks in search engines. But what is “link building“?

It is the process of attracting and establishing inbound links to your website which help your website achieve higher ranking with search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site“.

But there is a lot of buzz about how Google reacts to unnatural and spammy backlinks. Google is always updating its algorithms and changing the game by releasing Penguin updates that give you penalties for using unnatural ways of getting backlinks on your websites.

I’ve learned through hard work many search engine marketing tactics that can benefit your business. I’ve chosen the top 10 best strategies that I’ve implemented. Each one has resulted in great success.

Here they are!


It is one of my favourite SEO ways to get good links within 15 minutes. It is an awesome content curation basement where people gather interesting content over the web and publish them in a magazine format.


10 Smart Search Engine Marketing Tactics To Get Free Google Traffic

Lots of these pages have high PR like 3 and more. This type of publications draws much attention via social engagement.

How do you do it?

Chose the category of your post or infographic you want to share, find the closely related Scoop it page and suggest your post. Based on my experience, 50 % accept them within a day what means a good amount of quality backlinks for 15 minutes of your work.

2. Finding broken links

This method is time-consuming and scalable. You should get much patience to find links that have 404 errors.

It is a real problem that it takes a lot of time and effort.

There are many companies that moved and changed their brand names, therefore, the links were deleted. I guess this tactic is totally worthy to spend time and efforts to gain these killer links.

How to find these broken links? In Google search you can use the following search strings that allow you to find some of them:

  • “SEO” + “resource page”
  • “Seo” + “recommended sites”
  • “Seo” + “useful links”
  • “Seo” + “toolbox”
  • “Seo” + “resources”
  • “Seo” + “useful tools”

So, as soon as you find pages, check whether all the links are working well. When you find such kind of broken links, you can instantly contact the owner of the website and inform him about this crap-shoot.

I can recommend you to use the Chrome Extension Check My Links. It will help you to find out all broken links that are highlighted in red.

Replacing dead links in Wikipedia

I guess you’ve noticed some dead links on Wikipedia pages. They don’t instantly remove these links and just add a footnote with the link “dead link”. That will give you a chance to replace it with your link.

You can find these links with the next search string: SEO + “dead link”

Or you can check out with the tool WikiGrabber to find all dead links on Wikipedia. After you find a dead link, you need to recreate it on your site and replace it with your link in Wikipedia.

3. Monitor competitor’s backlinks

It can seem kind of creepy to keep track of competitors’ backlinks, but I can make sure you will get a lot of great ideas how to get quality links based on them.

Before monitoring them you should figure out your top competitors in SERP, I actually use SE Ranking tool to monitor my top competitors. As soon as you get their target keywords, enter them into your backlink tool like Webmeup or Ahrefs, you will get a diverse list of backlinks linking to their sites.

Weekly or monthly checkups will help you to stay awake with what SEO tactics your competitors use to acquire links and draw up a plan how to replicate as many links as possible.

4. Getting the most out of Infographics

Creating and submitting infographics is the most effective and powerful link building strategy in SEO. It taps into the visual content marketing trend and is one of the leaders in this segment.


10 Smart Search Engine Marketing Tactics To Get Free Google Traffic

Most people try to stay away from this method, creating a professional infographic costs a pretty penny. But you can easily create by yourself with the following resources:

Personally, I use the last one. It has a good functional and various themes, even for free users.

You can also find some freelancers on Odesk or Freelancer that will do it at low cost.

Just few points you should keep in mind:

  1. Include only real data sources
  2. Embed your website link in the infographic source code (probably, someone will use this info-graphic on his website and you will get a good backlink)
  3. Use attractive design
  4. Be brief. Don’t blur your facts in text
  5. Limit the size of your infographic to 1500 pixels
  6. Use statistics that will make the info-graphic more actionable
  7. Share it via social networks

To get the most out of your infographic, you can offer bloggers to post it as a guest post. You can also share you work on above-listed websites, or you can find the submission sites with the search strings:

  • “submit infographic”
  • inurl: submit infographic
  • intitle: submit infographic
  • “infographic directory”

When you submit an info-graphic, make sure to write a unique description with 200-300 words to take real advantage from it. With this form of creativity, you will make your campaign successful in your niche.

5. Answer online

Businesses need not only to build up quality links, but also build good relationships with customers. Monitor the activity of your potential customers and check out how they are doing online.

They will gather in groups to discuss some items on forums and blogs. Try to monitor all the activities online. You can check on Yahoo answers, topical forums, Quora and etc. You can use Google Alerts and add your keywords to track any mentions about your service. Try be helpful and user-friendly, don’t be spammy.

It can take some time, but it will pay off. You can gain a good authority on the websites. People will know you and follow you. They will start linking to your website to get additional awesome content.

6. Reverse guest posting

Reverse guest posting is the opposite of guest posting. The idea is that you find guest bloggers to write a good content for your website.

The idea of reverse guest posting works completely in a different way. You don’t need to find just any bloggers that have time to write a content. The main idea is to build up a good relationship with authority and famous bloggers. Ask them for content for your blog.

What are the benefits of reverse guest posting?

  1. Effective mechanism to build relationships
  2. The post can be shared via social media by that blogger
  3. Fantastic way to place that link
  4. Show your readers a new perspective
  5. You have control of the process of reverse guest posting

How Does Reverse Guest Posting Work for you?

You should figure out what you want to get out of a guest writer and define the subject of guest articles. How often you want him to contribute on the blog.

It is easy to make a list of famous bloggers you want to work with. Make some research and find other bloggers you can’t know them.

Contact these bloggers and talk to them about this opportunity.

Few steps how to reach out google bloggers:

  • Use Twitter search to get bloggers with search query “guest post SEO”
  • Use Google with search strings “guest post by”, “guest blog by” and specify your topic
  • Use the websites you already know or ask others for any recommendations
  • You can use Followerwonk tool for outreach

You will be surprised with how many bloggers will want to talk to you.

7. Blogger reviews

Reviews about products, software or services are one of the best ways to get good backlinks at scale. It is especially good for e-commerce websites.

How do you catch the attention of bloggers? You can offer some free stuff and they may start reviewing it on their sites. It is quite an intensive and time-sapping process. You need to find bloggers, contact them, send them products, wait for product reviews and send email reminders.

It is a hard work!

Try to find bloggers in your niche. If you sell some products or information that can help people to learn something, for example, “ways how to make coffee”, you should use search strings like “how to make coffee”, “make coffee home” and etc.

You will get a list of bloggers and filter out authority websites. So, right now you have to reach out them with the following email template:


Blogger approach template for SEO

Make sure what you are writing. Check your language and grammar mistakes. Don’t be too spammy. I want to note that you don’t ask them to post your links and reviews. You just let them take a decision about your product.

8. Get feedbacks about your website

This is an easy mechanism of getting backlinks. I’ve met a bunch of feedback websites where you can get a dofollow backlink. You should register, submit your website, write a small description about it. I love website, but before submitting your website you should leave five reviews on other websites.

Here are some sites you can check out:

Or you can find them in Google using search queries “website feedbacks”, “site review”, “website customer review”.

9. Quality links from brand mentions

Monitoring any mentions about your brand or product is a good way to get quality backlinks. It is vital to know what customers think about you online. You can use Mention tool to track all mentions about your business.

It works fine for me. You should create an alert like for Google Alerts and you will get mentions about your brand or service. If you notice someone mentions about you without a link, you can contact that person, tell him thank you and ask him kindly to place a link to your product.

You can use the following email template to outreach:


SEO tactics

Following this tactic, you can gain a bunch of quality backlinks.

10. Reverse image search

Reverse image search is something new and totally different from the other link building tactics. It is one of the greatest way to get links.

If you manage a website and use only quality images, you should keep track of your image theft. You can take some advantages from theft to gain quality links.

So, how to do that?

In Google image search you can enter the search string like and you will get all images on your website that Google has indexed. Click on images and see how they are displayed.

If you find out someone is using them without your link, you can reach out the admin and let him know about it. Site owners, usually, try to avoid any conflicts, and you will have a high rate of response to your email. Don’t forget to mention that the image is originally from your website and ask them to place an attribution backlink.

To simplify your SEO process, you can use TinEye to check all images that are used by other people from your website.

It is a call time on posting…

I’ve mentioned just my favourite ways of intact link building tactics out there. Take enough time to digest them and check out how they will work for you.

If you know any other effective link building tactics, I will be more than happy to hear them.